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So, that’s what Days of Future Past is about.

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remember when zack and cody entered a parallel universe

and london was smart


and maddie was dumb


and esteban was a woman


so basically they were their stereotypes

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roses can be red 

violets aren’t fucking blue

this is an actual correct poem

bottom line: i’d like to fuck you

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 Okay, I’m not one to post rants about things but this, this fucking scene right here is easily like the most heart-wrenching, disgusting and fucked up part in this whole movie.

He was the love of her life, she literally gave up everything for him and he killed her for a bit of money. She spent years waiting for someone to find her and ask for her hand in marriage and the one man who actually does tells her that he’s done it by accident. She realizes that she can’t force him to love her and lets him go with the woman he truly cares for.

Emily is dead, at this point she’s realized that there most likely isn’t someone out there for her, not only has she died alone but now she has to spend all of eternity alone. This is a thought she’s had to have entertained more than once but now it’s her reality. 

And then here he is, Barkis, the one who took everything away from her, every chance she ever had of happiness, standing in front of her openly mocking the pain she’s been through. Not only that, he says exactly what it is she’s been terrified of hearing; that she will never be loved the way that she wants and it devastates her. You can see it on her face.

thank you tim burton 

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when they say youre too old for disney

The hop, I can’t. I cackled.

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